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Since 2018, our mission has been to solve credit problems for our clients. Every day, Credit Detox LLC is

making lives easier by managing the unique credit issues of each situation. We are a compliant and professional

company, and we’re ready to tackle your problems right away.



In addition to our basic services, CreditDetoxLLC, hopes to provide information and guidance to our clients

about how to deal with various credit issues with the ability to maintain a positive credit lifestyle.

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Sikita Prevost

Sikita is a young professional African-American business woman and financial expert. She is a dedicated and ambitious board certified credit consultant and coach who enjoys educating people from all walks of life. She helps others gain financial literacy to help promote a healthy financial lifestyle and financial freedom. Sikita is no stranger to the struggle and being at rock bottom and over coming the worst. While overcoming obstacles set in her way, Sikita began a journey of learning what credit was and what credit could do for her. She focused on her own financial hardships and began implementing what she was learning and instantly she began to see results; it changed her whole thinking pattern.

Now, she’s on a mission to provide services to others so they can experience the same results. CreditDetoxLLC is not only a business, but it helps you transition yourself into a new lifestyle of financial freedom for everyone who joins.

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